Limited Scope Representation in Mesa, AZ

Limited scope representation allows a client to utilize the services of an attorney to perform discreet tasks while the client remains in control of their case. This is also called “unbundled legal services”, “pay as you go legal services” or “a la carte legal services.”

Hiring an attorney to provide full service representation in a lawsuit can be expensive. There are a number of items that happen in a lawsuit that an attorney cannot control. Even though there are a number of tasks that can be performed by the client with proper guidance, the attorney must perform the tasks as he or she is fully responsible for the case. These tasks include correspondence with the opposing side and the court, discovery, and preparing for and attending hearings. Limited scope representation allows the client to handle certain tasks while having access to an attorney to draft documents or provide advice that the client believes is necessary. This can significantly reduce the attorneys’ fees for a lawsuit by allowing the client to decide what work the attorney will perform and when to seek advice and consultation.

The limited scope services that Fowler St. Clair provides for parties to a lawsuit include drafting court documents, advice and consultation on an as needed basis, and coaching to prepare the client to attend a hearing or trial.

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