Is Your Building ADA Complaint? David Ritzenthaler Doesn’t Think So.

In the past year, lawsuits have been on the rise in Arizona alleging violations against the American Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Title III of the ADA was enacted to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in public places and has established certain accessibility standards to further this goal. Arizona courts allow a plaintiff to allege ADA violations against a public business without even visiting the premises. This has resulted in plaintiffs such as David Ritzenthaler to bring lawsuits against a multitude of businesses. As of the beginning of August 2016, Mr. Ritzenthaler has filed more than 500 lawsuits in Maricopa County alleging technical violations of the ADA since February, 2016.

ADA Requirements

The ADA has specific requirements for public parking lots, including the number of accessible parking spaces, the size of those spaces, and the dimensions of the signage indicating those parking spaces. These regulations were updated in 2010, although they do not require older businesses to modify their parking lots as long as they comply with the old standards. However, many businesses do not realize that even if they pass a building inspection, they still may not be in compliance with the ADA.

Ensure ADA Conformity

Local-area business owners should be aware of the possibility of a lawsuit, and should take proactive steps to ensure conformity with the ADA standards. Our firm has handled multiple matters regarding alleged violations of the ADA and has resolved lawsuits brought by Mr. Ritzenthaler. We will be more than happy to assist you if this becomes an issue or if you have any concerns about compliance with the ADA.