Are You Forming a Partnership?

Are you considering forming a partnership with your business? A partnership is an association of two or more co-owners who develop and run a business for profit. You may be asking yourself, “How are Partnerships Formed?” In this article, we’ll answer that question and several others. Owning your own business requires having knowledge in many different…read more

Disadvantages to Incorporating

Are There Disadvantages to Incorporating? Choosing a Business Structure Owning and operating a business can be a complex endeavor. Aside from basic business building and maintenance activities such as product or service creation, sales, marketing and staff management, you as a potential business owner have to decide which type of legal structure is best for…read more

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

When buying, selling, renting or simply owning real estate, it is sometimes necessary to hire a real estate attorney. While the state of Arizona does not require a lawyer for real estate transactions, there are many situations when having an attorney can benefit your best interests.  We will discuss how attorneys can be a valuable…read more

Civil Litigation | Arbitration

The Importance of an Honest Arbitrator In a business dispute or civil litigation, an honest arbitrator will go a long way toward ensuring you get a fair shake. Conflicts are a part of life, and it is equally true that both sides of a dispute tend to dig their heels in, believing they are absolutely…read more

Top Law Firms | AZ Business

Dissolving a Closely Held Arizona Business Dissolving a closely held business is not as simple as closing shop and moving on with your life. In most cases, you will need the business advice of top law firms to navigate and follow the procedures needed to dissolve a business. The only exception to this rule is…read more

10 Common Litigation Mistakes Self-Represented Litigants Make

The importance of having a litigation attorney advising you cannot be stressed enough. We understand that there may be financial reasons that cause people to consider representing themselves in court.  However, because of the intricacies of the law and the rules litigants must follow, minor mistakes in self-representation can end up costing more than hiring a qualified…read more

What every business owner needs to know about non-compete agreements.

What is a non-compete and why should my business use them? The Basics of a Non-Compete A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employee and employer. It controls what your employees may or may not do after leaving your company. Typically, non-competes include two types of restrictions: time limitations and geographical boundaries. For example,…read more

What everyone should know about estate planning and what to do before you die

Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts Basics What happens to your family, your home, and your assets when you eventually leave expectedly or even worse, unexpectedly? While death is something no one likes to think about, it’s an inevitable reality for every single one of us. Which begs the question… what have you done to prepare…read more

When to Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Too many of us have heard horror stories about a personal injury attorneys – where the victim wasn’t adequately cared for, or worse was actually victimized further after the accident. This is probably why people often ask me, “When should I contact a personal injury attorney?” The answer to that is extremely simple. When Should…read more

Fowler St. Clair Helping People in Malawi, Africa

Fowler St. Clair is excited to announce that three of its attorneys, Andy Fowler, Sean St. Clair and Dustin Schanaker, will be traveling to Malawi, Africa to offer their legal expertise to aid Malawian’s in need. Serving with Missional Law They will be serving with Missional Law, a non-profit organization that works with legal professionals…read more