A family law book with eye glasses sitting on it.Family Law

The lawyers at Fowler St. Clair understand that family law issues are often some of the most emotionally charged issues in the courtroom. As you face your family law issue, whether it be divorce, adoption, parental rights or any of the other dozens of family law issues, it’s important that your legal team has a thorough knowledge of the legal statutes surrounding family law and of the emotional ramifications of a judge’s decisions. This is where the family law attorneys at Fowler St. Clair shine.

Our lawyers take the time to meet with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of what their current situation is and what their objective is for their family. By making a full assessment of the situation at hand and having a complete understanding of what your goals are for your family, the team at Fowler St. Clair is able to develop a personalized plan of action for your individual legal needs. This type of strategy helps ensure that your case is presented in a way that reflects your desire for the health and well-being of your family.

It takes both expertise and the ability to work persuasively for an attorney to win a family law case. Our attorneys have extensive experience in a broad range of family law cases. Winning cases in family law takes knowledge, boldness, and compassion, and you’ll find all three of those vital characteristics in the attorneys at Fowler St. Clair.

Family law issues have an impact on family members in a variety of ways. Our legal team will work with you to make sure you are protected both now and in the future as you seek to provide a safe, emotionally and financially sound environment for yourself and your family.

Child Support

As judges work to determine child support responsibilities they take a variety of factors into consideration, and as such it’s important that representing attorneys research thoroughly and present every vital piece of evidence on a client’s behalf. The attorneys at Fowler St. Clair are experts at quickly uncovering and obtaining all of the influential documents and other evidence that will ensure your child support case is presented fairly and favorably.

Often after child support cases have been decided, there are occasions when it is essential to return to the courtroom to reevaluate the original terms of the agreement. A child’s expenses may increase dramatically, or a parent’s income may decrease or increase at a level where reevaluation of the original agreement is necessary. In situations where income levels or other factors have changed, our attorneys are experienced at uncovering the vital evidence needed in order to make child support modifications happen quickly, saving clients time, money and stress. The emotional, physical and financial well-being of the families we serve is of top priority.

Civil Defense

The attorneys at Fowler St. Clair have successfully represented individuals, clinics, insurance companies, and independent practices in civil litigation cases. With a focus on medical malpractice, our expert team has a thorough understanding of the laws regarding medical malpractice and civil litigation, and an extensive knowledge of medical and dental terms and conditions as well.

Successfully facilitating a medical or dental malpractice case requires the ability to access and understand thousands of pages of patient charts and records. Our firm has direct access to a large team of experienced medical and dental experts and years of courtroom experience defending a variety of types of civil defense cases. Our vast experience in successfully representing medical professionals and civil clients means you can rest assured that the Fowler St. Clair team has the expertise to navigate nearly any type of civil litigation case.