Jurors sitting in courtroomCriminal Defense

A criminal conviction has wide-reaching impacts on those accused of the criminal act. Not only are they at-risk of losing their freedom, but often their family, their job and other integral areas of their lives are at risk as well. A criminal lawyer may provide the answers and defense you need.

The attorneys at Fowler St. Clair in Mesa, Arizona, carefully and thoroughly assess the criminal defense cases that are presented to them, with the goal of full assurance that they can defend their client within the parameters of the law and with their ethical code intact.

Arizona’s strict laws and well-earned reputation for tough law enforcement require criminal defendants to have bold, persuasive and knowledgeable attorneys on their side. While public defenders are a common choice for those facing criminal charges, the fact of the matter is that public defense attorneys have overwhelming caseloads that leave them little time to devote to the thorough research needed to put together a strong case on behalf of a criminal defendant.

Our lawyers are experienced in defending those accused of a variety of different types of crimes.

Probation Violation

Probation violation charges are taken seriously in Arizona courts, and those accused of this crime need competent and effective legal representation. Probation violation in Arizona encompasses many different offenses including failure to report to a probation officer, possession of firearms or illegal drugs, failure to pay fines or restitution to victims, failure to enroll in rehabilitation programs, failure to complete community service hours and more.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Fowler St. Clair works to present to judges an acceptable defense for suspected probation violation occurrences, with the goal of obtaining reinstatement of probation and helping clients avoid having to serve any additional time in jail.

Theft as a Means of Transportation

Theft of Means laws in Arizona are strictly enforced by law officers and can include a number of violations aside from the typical assumption of intentionally stealing a motor vehicle. Violations as minor as borrowing a vehicle with the owner’s permission and not returning it at the intended time can result in a Theft of Means charge.

Those convicted of Theft of Means face a mandatory prison sentence of a minimum of 2.5 years and potentially as long as seven years, as required by the Arizona Department of Corrections.

People facing a Theft of Means charge need competent and experienced legal representation. Our attorneys are skilled at handling even the toughest Theft of Means cases, including accused who have a history of multiple vehicular crimes.

Solicitation and Prostitution

People accused of solicitation or prostitution are often in need of having their cases resolved quickly and quietly. Those facing these types of charges may have unintentionally engaged in this type of criminal behavior and been the victim of a misunderstanding, or they may have simply made a poor decision; one that comes with the potential to destroy their family, life and career.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your solicitation or prostitution charge, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge regarding Arizona law that will help you to resolve the situation discreetly and swiftly. By working together with our team of paralegals, private investigators and other professional experts, we can help you minimize the impact that solicitation and prostitution charges have on your life and help you protect your reputation and family in the process.

White Collar Crimes

In Arizona, criminal laws involving white collar crimes can encompass a variety of charges such as identity theft, embezzlement, computer and Internet crimes, forgery, business crimes, fraud and more. Often, white collar criminal charges are the result of unintentional violations or those charged are accused based on mistaken evidence or testimony. If you’ve been charged with a white collar crime you need qualified legal representation that can help uncover every aspect of the charges you face.

The skilled and dedicated legal team at Fowler St. Clair is committed to helping defend your criminal charge with diligence and determination as they build and present a comprehensive and persuasive case on your behalf.

Let our experienced and competent criminal defense team work to help you resolve your case quickly and effectively. Please contact our Mesa offices if you need assistance.