winning trust


A firm is only as good as the people it keeps.

With ample experience and keen insights, our team is confident that we can deliver on our commitments. Each member of the Fowler St. Clair firm is imbued with integrity and passion, forming a team of attorneys that is as capable as it is approachable.

Fowler St. Clair’s strength is in the collective quality of our team, giving us a unique versatility and dynamic.

Andrew Fowler

Andrew Fowler

Accumulating varied experiences, Andrew Fowler knows and understands Arizona’s business law climate inside and out.

Sean St. Clair

Sean St. Clair

Sean St. Clair approaches law with a broad perspective that encompasses a focus on civil litigation, limited scope representation and real estate and business law.

Brian Locker

Brian Locker, of counsel

Maneuvering through the complex web of various legal issues can be daunting, but that’s the environment Brian Locker thrives in.

Matthew A Bryan Sr. Attorney

Matthew A Bryan, Sr., of counsel

Plan. Build. Defend. Matthew A. Bryan Sr. welcomes the opportunity to provide valuable assistance to you in achieving all three.


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Arizona Legal Partners

Arizona attorneys at law Andrew Fowler, Sean St. Clair, and Brian Locker make up the comprehensive Arizona law firm Fowler St. Clair. Each of the lawyers bring a certain quality to the team, which practices in the areas of Arizona business law, Arizona real estate law, Arizona litigation services, Arizona non-profit law, and Arizona wealth management counsel.

The collective strength of Fowler St. Clair isn’t just in their legal practice areas, or even their extensive legal experience but, in a very important way, the strength of Fowler St. Clair is in their approach to law practice. Fowler St. Clair is committed to winning trust and dedicated to keeping that trust, respecting their clients as more than a legal case.

Andrew Fowler brings extensive experience in practicing Arizona business law to the team. Sean St. Clair brings a broad knowledge of Arizona real estate law to Fowler St. Clair. And Brian Locker brings a sharp legal consultation ability and experience to the Arizona law firm. Together, the group of Arizona lawyers share a trustworthy approach to the practice of comprehensive law, whether its business law, real estate law, litigation, not-for-profit law, or wealth management counsel.

We are an attorney office located in Mesa, AZ and Alpharetta, GA. Our law office is focused on estate planning, personal injury, business and real estate law. Our lawyers pride themselves on winning trust from their clients and are invested heavily in the local Mesa, AZ and Alpharetta, GA communities. We collaborate with clients to build long lasting relationships that deliver results-driven counsel and litigation services. If you need a lawyer (attorney) give us a call.