Fowler St. Clair Helping People in Malawi, Africa

Fowler St. Clair is excited to announce that three of its attorneys, Andy Fowler, Sean St. Clair and Dustin Schanaker, will be traveling to Malawi, Africa to offer their legal expertise to aid Malawian’s in need. Serving with Missional Law They will be serving with Missional Law, a non-profit organization that works with legal professionals…read more

Is Your Building ADA Complaint? David Ritzenthaler Doesn’t Think So.

In the past year, lawsuits have been on the rise in Arizona alleging violations against the American Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Title III of the ADA was enacted to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in public places and has established certain accessibility standards to further this goal. Arizona courts allow a plaintiff to allege ADA…read more

Legal Consultation | Deed vs. Will

Does a Beneficiary Deed Supersede an Arizona Will? A common question an estate planning attorney hears in a legal consultation is whether a beneficiary deed supersedes an Arizona will. The simple answer to this question is yes, but additional insight is needed to fully analyze the topic. Beneficiary Deed vs. Will An Arizona beneficiary deed…read more

Trial Attorney | Contract Disputes

Settling Employment Contract Disputes Employment contracts work best when they operate like a successful marriage. Unfortunately, businesses are like marriage in that relationships fracture and fizzle. When an employment relationship breaks down, an employment contract dispute arises. In the worst cases, a disagreement may end up in an Arizona trial court, but that is a…read more

Administrative Law | Airbnb

What Legalizing AirBnb Could Mean for Arizona Investors Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently signed SB 1350, which is set to legalize Airbnb investment properties. In simple terms, anyone in the state of Arizona will now be legally allowed to have an investment property. Arizona businesses would be right to wonder how these legal developments will affect…read more

Legal Defense | LLC Litigation

When Your LLC Status Does Not Protect You in Civil Litigation Businesses are often advised that forming an LLC is an essential legal defense strategy to protect individuals from personal liability. Of course, this information is generally true, but there are instances when an LLC status does not shield you from personal liability in civil…read more

Community Legal Advice

The Problem of Encroachment for Property Owning Arizonans For the majority of property owners, it is safe to assume that they expect to fully own a purchased property. Unfortunately, the real world cuts into this idea when neighbors are unable to peacefully coexist. When a neighbor constructs a structure or has a plant that intrudes…read more

Labor Law Changes | Overtime Eligibility

The Department of Labor is planning a major change to overtime eligibility that has the potential to impact thousands of Arizona businesses. These labor law changes, set to take effect on December 1, 2016, are destined to expand overtime protection to an estimated 4.2 million workers, many of whom are white-collar salaried employees. Under the…read more

Legal Firms | Insurance Bad Faith

Arizona insurance contracts, by law, include an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. In essence, this requires an insurer not to engage in any conduct or behavior that might harm the rights and benefits expected from any insurance contract. This is a fairly standard expectation in many legal jurisdictions. Legal firms in Arizona…read more

How A Divorce Decree May Affect Real Estate

In an Arizona divorce decree, there are a number of ways that the marital home can be affected. Here are a few of the most likely outcomes associated with an Arizona divorce decree. As a community property state, Arizona law stipulates that assets a couple acquires during marriage belong to both spouses equally. Arizona law…read more